Lucinda Pelfrey March 22, 2019

You might have seen that older houses have a raised floor concept. This was practiced by them for many good reasons that you might have ignored when building your house. But that does not matter because there is still a chance to go ahead with it and fix it up. Before you wander off with that thought, let me stop you right here and draw you into this idea further by listing out the benefits of giving your house a raise, here are a few of them;

More Living Space

When you have a raised deck for your house, the front end of the property can be used as a porch. Most raised porches look very appealing and attractive to the eye. It can be considered as an extra area of living space because the porch can be used as a spot to relax yourself, place some outdoor furniture around to make full of use of that section of the house.

Ease In House Maintenance

If the house is elevated it is of ease to maintain every house related repair. Whether it is related to plumbing or any other maintenance activities, you are able to lift your house and then build under it. This enables ease in the process, and it is less mess and would also be more cost effective given that the access lines to the issues is shorter and more convenient.

Less Flood Risks

When the house is on the ground there is a high chance of risk if you live over a land that is not very secure from the floods. But given that you have elevated the house to a higher level, can be an added advantage which would prevent the unnecessary waters entering your premises at all times.

Adds To the Classic Look

As mentioned above, having a house lift can serve as an accessory which would give the property a look of the classics. Most houses in the olden days are known to be nostalgic and full of happiness. So, elevating your house and adding the porch in front with the patio furniture can make your regular home, one that is expected of happiness and homeliness by default.

Cost Effective Foundation

While concrete foundations can be very expensive in terms of repairing cracks and whatnot, dealing with wooden foundations can be cheaper and easier to fix because they can be jacked up and repaired without too much hassle or cost.

Similar to those above, there are many more benefits to elevating the house to a higher level than the ground as they can be advantageous in terms of maintenance mainly. Regardless of only the maintenance this can also contribute to the prevention of flooding and improve the appearance of the property which would be of great advantage in the instance of resale of property.

Therefore, it is better to consider renovating and giving your house a lift in order to experience all of the above advantages.