Lucinda Pelfrey November 18, 2021

A clean office is good for everyone whether it is employees, customers or clients. Cleaning the office should not be left to the employees, however. If this becomes part of their scope of work, the time they spend on doing actual work for the company will decrease. It is the responsibility of the company to keep the office environment clean and commercial cleaning services are required to ensure that cleaning is carried out in depth.

When you employ a company for office cleaning Perth, you will be able to transform the space instantly when you bring organisation and cleanliness to the office. Seeing a clean office every day will reinforce the importance of keeping a clean office to the employees as well. The organisation of their personal workstation can be left to them. To ensure that everyone follows the organisational procedures, you can have fun competitions like awards for the employee who keeps the cleanest workstation. When employees adopt these habits, it’s easier to maintain the organisation of the office as well. You can set certain guidelines for the cleanliness and the organisation of the workstations and keep computer screen cleaners and other supplies that are required to follow these guidelines in a common supply closet. There should be additional cleaning supplies readily available in the event of an accident like a spill.

The rubbish collected at the office should be removed every day. Otherwise, it can create an unpleasant odour that will circulate around the entire office and make working conditions unbearable. You can employ a cleaning service to attend to this and also carry out weekly and monthly deep cleaning procedures to ensure the health and safety of the workplace. The floors of the office will see a lot of traffic so they need to be cleaned by the cleaning company a few times a week. This will depend on the traffic that is prevalent in the office. If these high-use areas are not frequently cleaned, the dust and dirt can accumulate and affect indoor air quality. It will actually make the employees sick.

Light fittings are another element that needs to be cleaned as dust will build up on them. This can be done once a month by the cleaning crew to ensure that the build-up of dust doesn’t trigger allergies in the employees. You can also check whether the bulbs are working when the cleaning is being done and replace bulbs if necessary. The windows should be cleaned regularly as well so that employees aren’t looking outside through a film of dust. Make sure that the cleaning service uses safe chemicals for its cleaning procedures. The competency of the cleaning service matters a great deal as they will be in charge of keeping all areas of the office clean. Make sure that all requirements are made clear in the first site inspection and that different procedures are laid out for different intervals to ensure optimal cleanliness of the space. You can have a contact person at the cleaning company to coordinate matters when additional cleaning needs to be scheduled.