Lucinda Pelfrey August 11, 2018

Building a new house is always an exciting affair! After spending months attending to the construction work, when it is finally the time to occupy the house, your heart will indeed fill with joy. There are plenty of things that you will have to do before you occupy the house. The details that are given in the article below will help you in the final weeks before you make this precious house your home.

Do The Finishing Touches

Make sure your house is fully complete before you move in because having construction work going on while your family occupies the house can indeed be a nightmare. So do all the finishing touches well and ensure everything is ready.

You need to also ensure that the painting is done and completed well in advance. While the smell of paint is quite delightful, it is not easy or safe to live and sleep in freshly painted rooms, especially for children. So make sure the painting is done well in advance. It is also a significant investment so you have to ensure that the professionals get the job. If you are living in Australia, look for professionals in home painting Browns Plains and get a good job done.

Clean The House Well

Your house will have to be thoroughly cleaned before you move in. Dust particles that have accumulated in the building throughout the process of construction need to be removed so that your family will be safe in the new house. Do get the help of professional cleaners if you must because that will make the process much easier for you. Clean the windowsills, dust all the surfaces and wipe down all door handles before you move in.

Get In Touch With House Movers

If you have furniture and belongings that need to be moved to the new house, you will certainly need the help of a good house mover. Make sure you find a reputed professional because unprofessional movers will often handle your possessions recklessly and cause damage. Don’t keep your prized possessions at stake just to save a little money! Look for recommendations on the internet and speak to your friends and colleagues to find the best movers in town. Ensure that the movers place the furniture in the exact places that you want them placed. They will often assemble your beds and wardrobes too which will be disassembled prior to the move. Make sure they do a thorough job and inspect them while they work.

Make It Look Like Home

It will take some time for you to take root in the new house for sure. But you can make it look like home by adding decorative elements that are unique to your family. Hang some pretty photos on the walls and by some rugs and throws in your favorite shades to make the house look like your very own dwelling. If you like, you can have different themes for the different rooms of the house so that the decorating part will be incredibly delightful!

Hope you enjoy an easy transition from your old house to your new!