Lucinda Pelfrey September 14, 2019

Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful home both inside and out. Aside from your home’s exterior, one of the first things people notice when approaching your house is the driveway. This part has a great impact on your home’s curb appeal and beautifying it can make a lot of difference in the overall aesthetics of your home.

Concrete driveways are more popular than asphalt ones because of its durability and versatility when it comes to design. Whether you’re planning to add a driveway or update an existing one, use Easy Mix Sales concrete for a durable driveway with smooth finish.

Here are some ways on how to increase your home’s curb appeal through decorative driveways.

Textured Finish

Trying out a textured finish is one of the best ways to achieve a stylish looking driveway at a low cost. There are plenty of ways to add textures to freshly applied concrete. Broom finish is of the simplest; it adds fine line patterns on your driveway for added texture and contrast. Your contractor can also add embellishments on your driveway like swirls and exposed aggregate design. Whichever one you choose, adding texture give your plain grey driveway an artistic flair.


If you have more budget for decorating your driveway, try concrete stamping. Fresh concrete is stamped with stylish patterns such as brick, stone, marble or any other patterned textures to make it look more appealing. You can even choose from a wide variety of colour to complement your home’s exterior and landscaping. Try adding a decorative border along the driveway for more impact.

Update an Old Driveway

If you already have an old and dull-looking driveway, there’s no need to break it all and install a new one. Simply give it a facelift or a style update to make it look instantly beautiful and new. There are a variety of ways to refresh the look of your driveway. You may try concrete engraving which uses special tools to engrave patterns into the driveway. You can even make your driveway look brand new again by concrete resurfacing. This refers to the method of adding a concrete overlay over the existing driveway. You can then add style to it through stamping, texturing, and many more.

Create a Focal Point

If you’re aiming for a grander-looking driveway, adding a focal point to it instantly gives it a distinct eye-catching appeal. Custom designs can be engraved into fresh concrete for more style. Your choices are limitless – from medallions, emblems, address numbers, and even unique designs such as compass, stars, and many more.

Pick a Complementary Design

Your driveway should complement your home’s exterior for a harmonious design. You may opt to choose a colour palette or a theme where you can work around when designing the exterior part of your house.

Say goodbye to that plain grey concrete driveway. There are no rules in adding style into your home’s decor. Try out these simple driveway beautification tips and amaze your guests with your all new decorative driveway.