Lucinda Pelfrey December 22, 2017

A serious upgrade of your living space is definitely going to take a big chunk out of your savings. And just as everything else, flooring is a significant aspect you have to pay attention to. Although you might be more focused on which sconces and what kind of furniture should go in your home, flooring should be paid attention to as well. After all it is what you step on! Here are some great tips for you to read on before you go ahead with your big remodelling plans!

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Do Not Forget To Remodel In Style

Do not forget to take the layout of your home into consideration before deciding on anything else. If you have an open floor plan, know that you are supposed to use the same flooring throughout the entire space to give your living space a clean, consistent finish. Make sure you pay attention to the integrity of your home and that it is a reflection of your personal taste and style.

The Goof-Proof Material Option

Hardwood floors are the ideal arrangement that benefit you from an architectural point of view. Plus hardwood floors bode well with the contemporary and classic interior designs. It is not only beautiful, practical but also strong enough for heavy furniture. More importantly, if you are looking at the durability factor and a one-off remodelling project that would last until the next owners move in, you can resort to highest quality DPR hardwood that guarantees to last for a considerable period of time.

Account for Your Local Climate and Wear And Tear

Keep the climatic trends in your local area in mind when deciding on flooring. Humid or damp weather can bring down the lifespan of your flooring significantly. Make sure you think twice about the possible wear and tear of the flooring too. If you drop a glass on the ceramic floor it will chip; heavy foot traffic can ruin your plush carpeting too.

Does It Fit Your Budget?

You might have the best set of ideas to upgrade your house the way it deserves, but does it fit your budget? You might not want to burn through all your savings renovating your home from roof to floor. Speak to an interior designer and get an estimation of the cost once you have put pen to paper and come up with the list of renovations you need.

Comfort and Effects on Environment

Make sure you consider comfortable flooring especially if you are a young family with kids. Also, if you spend a considerable amount of time standing in the kitchen, you might want to consider adding a treat for the feet in the kitchen flooring.

Remember not to go with flooring that would contribute to air pollution in your household. Traditional vinyl flooring and even newly installed carpets have the tendency to emit high levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for up to 72 hours. Also, the carpets tend to trap particles the likes of dust, dirt and even dander. Although this can act as a filter to some people if you do not clean the carpet on a regular basis it might cause you allergies and make your asthma worse.