Lucinda Pelfrey June 10, 2018

Dandenong Ranges is a popular area for homebuyers thanks to many reasons. Suburbs in the ranges are well developed, are close to the Melbourne CBD, and still retain the natural beauty unique to the ranges. It’s easy to decide to buy based on the looks and feel of the area. But Australian homebuyers should be aware of the following concerns as well before investing in a ranges property:

Population Density and Noise Levels

Some suburbs of the ranges region are not exactly rural hideaways. The neighbourhoods can be as populated as the city itself. Therefore, before moving in check the noise levels and odour issues as listed on the Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority website.

Check Fee Requirements

The price you pay for the home may not be all you have to pay to move in to a lovely ranges house. Some houses in the region may be attached to common property like driveways. As a result, these properties are subject to something called owner’s corporation.

That means you will have to follow a strict set of municipal rules to use this public property. The rules may vary, but often includes fees. Sometimes you may not be allowed to keep pets. When you move into a neighbourhood that requires such rules like Belgrave, hire esteemed property agents Belgrave who can inform you of such minor details that will cost you once you become the owner.

Natural Hazards Risk

Homebuyers are more concerned about schools and crime rates than wildfires and landslides when moving to a ranges suburb. But you must keep the risk of natural hazards in mind. Ideally, you should inspect the property for the risk of fires, floods, and other common hazards. You will have to manage the land in an appropriate manner considering the risk. Also, the price will have to be justified in case of a major risk.

Don’t Be so Hasty to Move to a Rural Area

If you are an urban person who have never really lived in a rural, farming area, don’t rush to move. You may hope for peace, quiet, and idyllic nature, but in return you may end up next to a noisy and smelly farm. If you are moving to an agricultural region in the ranges, it’s highly recommended to look up the state agricultural website about land management and challenges. The reality of rural life is far from those postcard pictures.

Don’t Forget Crown Licenses

Some land in the ranges area may be subject to crown licenses. In addition, you may face a slew of regulatory setbacks if the land has government roads, water frontages, or crown land. These come with certain legal risks so you should be aware of what’s what before purchasing.

Last but not least, mind the zooming laws set by local councils. The zoning laws may set planning controls that will greatly affect how you can manage the land that you purchase. Zoning boundaries can restrict what you can build on the property and where. Therefore be aware of all of these things before purchasing that charming ranges mansion.