Lucinda Pelfrey July 24, 2019

The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the home that needs to be kept clean. It is where meals are prepared and food is stored. Mostly, kitchens aren’t usually that wide that’s why it tends to be easier to maintain compared to other parts of the house. However, there are moments when we look at our kitchen and realize how messy or cluttered it looks even if we just cleaned it. Worry no more because here are some tips on how to achieve a tidier and cleaner-looking kitchen.

Clear the Countertops

Cluttered countertops are one of the main things that make your kitchen look messy. Kitchen countertops are easy to get cluttered. Aside from kitchen utensils, ingredients and appliances, it can also be cluttered by things that aren’t supposed to be there like toys, charging cables and many more. Sorting the items makes it easier to de-clutter a countertop. Return stuffs that aren’t used in the kitchen to where they belong. For things you always use, place them on a tray or a small organizer where they are easily accessible when needed. Place all the organizers into one area to free space on your countertop.

Install Splashbacks

Installing kitchen splashbacks are a perfect way to protect the kitchen walls from stains and splashes when you’re cooking or preparing food. Aside from that, it also adds more beauty to your kitchen. There are plenty of materials you can choose from such as wooden, glass, stone and quartz splashbacks. Because they are easy to clean and maintain, having a splashback behind the cooker and countertops makes your kitchen a lot cleaner. Simply wipe the surface of the splashback and you’re kitchen is tidy than ever. Drop us a message if you’re looking for professional kitchen splashback installers Melbourne for a clean and stunning kitchen.

Spray and Wipe Surfaces

Just wiping the surfaces alone isn’t enough if you want that perfectly clean kitchen. Use a sprayer and fill it with your trusted anti-grease solution, spray it all over the surfaces in your kitchen such as the countertop, splashback and sink, and wipe it off with a clean microfiber cloth. Aside from removing dirt better, it also leaves all the surfaces sparklingly clean. Don’t forget to do this technique on the stovetop, microwave and your oven to avoid dirt and grease from building up.

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Put the Dishes Away

Sometimes, a pile of dishes at one part of the countertop makes your kitchen look cluttered. After washing, simply dry them with a paper towel or cloth and put them away in the dish cabinet to free up some space. It’s really tempting to just leave them out especially when you’ll be using them again in a few hours. But if you’re goal is a tidy-looking kitchen, this simple trick surely helps a lot.

With these simple tricks, keeping your kitchen clean and tidy is made easier. Always remember that daily cleaning and upkeep is the key to a cleaner and tidier kitchen.