Lucinda Pelfrey September 13, 2018

Homebuyers are sometimes wrongly convinced by a smooth-talking real estate agent to purchase a home without a thorough inspection. Unless you are expert and knows what to check in the architectural integrity of a residence or the plumbing or electrical sources, you will not be able to point out and identify the house’s flaws that made the former owner sell it in the first place.

Before signing the contract and paying your hard earned money to purchase your dream house, consider the following reasons first why it is better to get the services of experienced and skilled pre-purchase inspectors.

They Are Experts In Finding Concealed Problems

Inspectors know what they are looking for. They are paid to do a thorough service and they will be able to save you tons of money on repairs and renovations. They are specialized in evaluating a building or a home and providing an extensive report for the client to understand whether the property is a wise investment or not. Well, Building inspections Bathurst are among the most comprehensive pre-purchase inspections in the greater part of New South Wales in Australia.


They Know What To Look For

Pre-purchase inspectors know what you might forget to check. They are familiar with how the foundation and structure of a home in excellent condition should be. They are also able (not to mention willing!) to climb the roof and brave enough to inspect the dark attic. The inspectors are also knowledgeable in checking the pipes, hot water services, air conditioning, the insulation, the electrical wirings and outlets and the locks and latches.


They Know If The Property Is Worth Its Price

Inspectors know if you are paying more than what your house is worth especially if there are minor renovations to be made. They are also aware of how the real estate market is at the time of purchase and they will be able to advise you whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

They Know What Needs Fixing Immediately

These inspectors have been in the business for a long time and just by one look they know which part of the property needs immediate attention. During the inspection they know which issues would be problematic for the buyer in the future and what could be overlooked and not affect the decision to purchase. They also see things differently unlike with the buyers who tend to see a mountain out of a molehill.


They See The Bigger Picture

Buyers sometimes tend to focus only on the house itself. But inspectors are trained to step back from the property and look at it wholly. They will look at the boundary fences if they are not fixed securely or the wooden fences already infested by termites. They will also notice if the property is situated in a sloped land that may be a cause for drainage problems.


The decision to buy a property is a financial investment and raises a concern for safety. Pre-purchased inspector’s sole concern is of the client’s interest. Their only purpose is that prospective buyers have all the necessary details before making a wise and informed decision.