Lucinda Pelfrey April 23, 2019

Do you love your garden as much as you love your home? Or are plants very special to you? You may be either person, or you may simply insist on maintaining a beautiful garden. If you are hoping to recreate your garden because the kids need a play area or simply because they are all grown up and you and your spouse prefer relaxing outdoors, look for the right designer who could identify your need and give you the best solution. The following key components are important when looking for the ideal garden designer.


Experience is important in any occupation. Long years in business are an indication of working with large numbers of clients, with diverse needs. Also it means that challenges have been met successfully. You don’t have to hesitate when allowing such people to undertake your project. Look for designers who have worked on a small scale and large scale projects; ranging from residential settings, small villas courtyards and resorts in both urban and rural settings. This reflects sufficient exposure.

Long years of experience also mean that the designer has enough ideas and knowledge which can contribute to the design. In such instances, while your need is met, expert ideas will ensure that the project is workable and is the best solution that addresses your need. Quality advice is needed for such changes in the landscape since it can lead to total variations in appearance which may or may not be rectifiable.

Look For Someone Who is Passionate about the Job

One who is engaged in the job out of passion will no doubt show a great interest in what they are working on. This will also lead to your satisfaction. Such persons are not profit seekers, but rather also gain significant levels of self-satisfaction and enjoy what they do. During consultations, you will be able to identify such characteristics of the designer.

Staff Experience

Ideal staff members should have on-site training which will ensure the practicality of what they are doing.  In addition to the need for technical or academic knowledge of the field, on-site training will also lead to reliable results.

Post-Project Cleanup

Redesigning your garden can be quite messy. In addition to plants and pots, dispersed soil and stones can also be quite irritating. Look for designers who will take care of cleaning after the job is done. This will be less stressful. While some do not clean at all, others may leave with an incomplete job. In addition to the importance of designing and making necessary changes, this is also important as it may incur an additional cost if someone else has to take over cleaning.

If you think that it is high time for some outdoor changes, look for a landscape gardener Brisbane who can offer you the best solutions available. In the same way that your home should be a pleasant place, outdoor appearance can also lead to great satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to seek advice and clarify all doubts prior to implementing the changes. The one who is most sensitive to your need will give you enough space to make the right decision.