Lucinda Pelfrey January 6, 2018

Buying furniture online may have been unthinkable two decades ago, but now it’s becoming quite the norm. Consumers typically prefer to inspect furniture in person before making a purchase. But most online shops now offer detailed specs and high-quality colour photographs that make physical inspections nearly unnecessary. Plus, you can always check out multiple products and compare prices relatively easily than in-store shopping.  However, it’s wise to be safe than sorry when paying hundreds of dollars for a dresser or a cupboard online. Here is a list of smarter ways to shop for furniture online so you get the best deal and the perfect product:

Choose a Speciality Store

Though most online retailers, like Amazon, may offer furniture buys from various third-party sellers, you will find the best items at various speciality stores. If you have a particular style you prefer, such as modern chic for example, you can locate and e-store that caters to those specific tastes. Otherwise, at least look for a store that offers a wide selection. It’s better than looking up online classifieds. You can select the best styles and best quality items at specialist e-stores.

Look for Flexible Payment Options

Furniture purchases are expensive. At regular brick and mortar stores, sellers sometimes offered flexible payment plans to local shoppers. Some online stores also offer similar “after pay” plans. Be aware that these plans are not easy to find. E-stores like Payday Deals furniture offer excellent flexible payment plan options that allow buyers to make payments gradually over a reasonable time period. This is advantageous in many ways. You don’t have to max out your credit card buying furniture online. Also, if you end up with a damaged or an otherwise undesirable product, getting a full refund for a partial payment will be easy. Even if you don’t get a refund, you wouldn’t have lost hundreds of dollars.

Understand the Measurements Listed

It goes without saying that you should carefully read the description for each furniture listing on online shops. Don’t just glance at the heading and scroll through the pictures. The description will tell you the exact dimensions of the furniture item. Pictures alone are woefully inadequate at showing how big or small a furniture item is. Read the measurements and try to visualise the product. Take out a measuring tape and take measurements yourself to see if the space you have for placing the item matches the measurements. And don’t forget to measure the doorways either to make sure the item can be brought into the room!

Calculate Shipping Costs

Most online stores these days offer free shipping on most items. However, don’t assume that the same applies to big items like furniture that has to be specially transported. When you make your purchase, you will have to calculate the shipping costs as well. Therefore, read the fine print on the e-store about how larger items are shipped and whether it incurs additional costs. It most likely will when you order a full-sized armoire or a king-sized bed.

You can always call the customer service number on the website to ask specific questions, such as delivery to postcodes located outside metropolitan areas. If an e-store doesn’t offer a customer service number, then you should definitely avoid buying from the site.