Lucinda Pelfrey December 22, 2017

Home is where you want to feel safest, so if you do not, then you need to fix that. Aside from being a welcoming and pleasant place to come back to, your home should be secure, particularly from intruders. Modern day technology has made it a lot easier no doubt, but remember that thieves are becoming just as savvy with the updates. The best is to resort to a couple of different options, and merge them together. For instance, opt for CCTV, night vision, motion sensors and light sensors for a complete haul. If you have been contemplating strengthening the security in your home, you will find the following useful.

Alarm System

This is one of the most basic components of security, be it for home or the office. A burglar alarm system is a great way to tighten security, as they not only warn residents, but will also trigger authorities to take action. You can expect to have help quite soon. The chances of catching the burglar cannot be determined as at the first sound of the alarm they will likely scarper, butat the very least, you will have deterred them from causing any further damage. Not to mention, possibly even harming you.

Reinforce Doors

Do this both for the doors to your home and the garage. It is astounding as to how many people do not have sturdy garage doors. You need to ensure that if you move to a new house, the locks on all doors are functional and effective. If you think the garage door needs replacing, then scout out a provider in your area. For instance, if you are in Mt. Eliza, then look up garage doors MtEliza for assistance. Latches and bolts are also important, so be sure to check on those as well.


This, like alarm systems, has become a popular feature in the world of security systems. Just as many homes now employ them as do offices, and many are opting for it because of the many benefits it offers. CCTV footage has often proven to be incredibly useful in identifying and capturing criminals, sometimes before even committing a crime. Authorities often refer CCTV footage for routes criminals may intend to take, allowing them to create a plan. It also helps you view the security of your surroundings on a daily basis.

Concealed external roller shutters - #exteriorgoals Exterior Window rolling shutter. This would be awesome for weather and security protection.

Motion Sensors

Now that technology is more advanced than ever, we can explore more advanced security options in turn. Motion sensors are a part of this. They automatically turn on the lights in designated parts of your house, based on your requirements. You can programme this accordingly as well, offering maximum flexibility. Some motion sensors also include sound and locking systems, which you can browse through. Of course you should compare different providers before you settle on the first thing you come across. As much as it is important to go for quality products, you should also check on after-sales services, since if something were to go wrong, you want to know you have their support.