Lucinda Pelfrey February 19, 2019

Your living area is the place where the family gathers in the evenings or you welcome your guests when they visit. If you are stuck with a drab living space that does not bring any light to your house, it will certainly bring down the homey feel. Even if your house itself is quite old, it does not mean that you have to keep every room in the house looking old, especially the ones that other people will see. You can choose to update each room individually to match a certain theme set for the whole house or if you are in a bit of a budget, you can choose to update the rooms that host guests such as the living room, dining room, patio etc. There are little things that you can do that won’t cost you too much and still give your living area or any other room of the house a brand new look and feel, read on through to find out.

Create Openness

This is something that old houses built in the past lack as compared to modern homes. In this day and age, we have begun to embrace the idea of openness, whether it be the openness of the mind or the home you live in. We have begun to add this openness to all parts of our life and it is an excellent idea as this leaves us feeling comfortable and more relaxed than being closed up. If there is a massive wall separating your living space from the dining area or the outside or the patio or pretty much any area of the house, tear it down! Yes, that is right. Tear down that wall and replace it with some shutters from CoCreate Home solutions or maybe even just leave it open for everything to just flow through.

Try the Minimalistic Approach

This is another excellent method that has been brought about by the millennials. In the minimalistic approach, essentially you get rid of all clutter, this includes any item that you would not use but appears to be useful at some stage such as an ornament. The minimalistic approach has gained much recognition since recent times and is followed by many. Naturally, it brings about a feeling of modernized living, this is mainly because simplicity itself has elegance in it. So get rid of all that unnecessary clutter and leave only a few important looking pieces of furniture that will enhance the living space.

Colour Wash with Neutral Colours

In the old times, dark colours with vivid designs and other things were used in homes, but in this era that would most definitely be considered extremely tacky. So before you get anything else done, make sure to give your living space a good colour wash and in doing so, choose light neutral colours. The best colour is obviously white as it makes the whole area beam up but if you are not a big fan of the colour white then you may go for another lighter tone that will make you or your guests feel much comfortable in your living area.