Lucinda Pelfrey November 15, 2017

Interior decor is something like building a character in a book or a play. You cannot just look at it as space. The best spaces are those that invoke a sense of personality. There is something about it that strikes you the minute you walk in. However, if you do not pay attention to how you set it up, then the job will be rather tricky. And if you are also convinced you definitely do not have the eye for it, then it might be a tie to bring in the professionals. Interior designers/ decorators are specialised in putting together any space, although choosing the right one is another story altogether. Get started with these tips.

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Experience is all well and good, but there are also people who are naturally talented at this sort of thing. So look beyond the numbers if you want to land someone truly skilled. Whilst there are courses one can take, creative jobs such as these are best when one is born creative. You can request a portfolio if you want to see what they have done, or even have a chat to see if they know what they are talking about. Maybe even ask them to come over, and give you an idea of what they would do to elevate your space.

Extensive Connections

Interior decorators often need to locate unique and unusual items, and these are not always up for sale in any store. They need to unearth them from the most unlikely of places, and to do this they need to have strong connections with others in the industry. This will not only help them do their job better but will also reduce your stress levels since the decorator will be more efficient. If you are looking for Brisbane painting services that will cater to your special painting job, for instance, there is no need to worry. They will do find them for you.


Not everyone has the same vision, and sometimes there can be miscommunication which is not very serious. What is serious is if this miscommunication went too far, leading to heavy disagreements and bad blood all around. The decorator should be friendly, willing to listen, and adaptable, whilst at the same time being confident in their ideas. Who knows, even though what they suggest might be completely out of your comfort zone, it might work out. What matters is that they are comfortable enough to communicate openly at all times.

Love the wall! But i would go for lighter shade


Just like with any industry, not every interior decorate is going to be enthusiastic about their job. It is your job however to weed the ones who are really passionate about what they do. For some, putting together space in a way that brings it to life is a source of great achievement. They enjoy the process, the journey, and some even go another step by opening up their own interior designing companies even on a small scale. Such people can make a big difference, which is great for if you are also looking to get the job done right once and for all.