Lucinda Pelfrey March 12, 2018

Whether you are moving into your first home as an individual or as a newly married couple, decorating your new abode can be an exciting time. You may have some bits of furniture that you will be bringing with you and maybe wondering how you can fit them in or like most new homeowners you are probably wondering what kind of furniture you should buy. Read on for more information on tips to keep in mind when buying furniture for the first time.

How Solidly Constructed Is The Furniture?

When you’re buying a couch, for instance, you want value for money. You want your furniture to last a really long time, so even if it’s new age designer furniture try to stick to solid wood furniture. Furniture experts suggest that wood will survive longer than other pieces of furniture made using aluminium frames or particle board. However, make sure that the price is in keeping with how long you want your furniture to last. If you are shifting out of your apartment and are not looking to take any furniture with you then selecting other materials is fine as long as it is constructed in amanner that is sturdy. If it’s a chair or a couch don´t be afraid to sit down and test how comfortable it is before you buy it. Don´t leave the comfort testing till you get home.

Simple Silhouettes Are Easier On the Eyes

You might think of buying furniture as a means to an end. Something useful to sit on or a table to work at in your home. However, what most buyers don’t realise is that the pieces you select, individually or collectively, say a lot about you as an individual. It’s not only an investment; it’s also part of your individual refuge. Select furniture where the lines and the silhouettes of the pieces you hope to buy are clean, straight and simple. The simplest designs never go out of fashion and chairs with ornate arm work will collect dust and will take up too much space in a small apartment.

Choose Quality over Quantity

While shopping around for furniture, you will discover that those of higher quality come with a steep price tag. However, it’s always better to save up and buy good quality furniture – a piece at a time even if it takes a few months to put together a complete hall or dining set. Especially if you´ve found your permanent home, you´ll want furniture that you have around for some time and will not need replacing in a hurry. For homes with smaller living space, buy furniture that is compact and doesn’t take up space. Select colours that are light and pastel shades to create the feeling of space. Designs with intricate work and heavy decoration will make a small room look much fuller.

Create a Look That Complements the Same Shape

Another small tip to keep in mind when decorating your living space with furniture and accessories is to try and maintain a look that is in sync with the shapes and colours of your most prominent piece of furniture. For instance you could dress up a plain sofa with cushions to add a touch of colour that could be similar to the colourof your lamp shades.

The following are a few tips to keep in mind when buying furniture for the first time. Try to keep the shape of the furniture say straight lines throughout your selection as this would also help to maintain a neat and unified look for each setting of your home.