Lucinda Pelfrey March 9, 2020

Landscaping your back yard is a major deal. People think it’s easy, but once they get into it, they realize how extensive it really is. Before you fret, know that you have us by your side. We’ve run through everything you need to know, making the work as easy as possible. So, what’re you waiting for? Read on ahead.

What’s the Topography of Your Yard?

When landscaping, you’ll need to figure out the topography of the space. Basically, this is how the soil in certain parts of your yard are. As you can imagine, this is very important when it comes to planting as if you place a flower bed in soil that’s too acidic or alkaline for it, it’ll not grow.

The topography of the vicinity is also important for water collection. You may not realize it, but the yard could be draining water towards your home. This is not what you want as the base would get soggy.

How Will Your Plants Age?

Remember that over time, anything could happen. Although plants are living things and should last for however long you take care of them for, some are easier to look after than others. So, if you’re ever forgetful, some of your plants may die, or get a range of diseases. You don’t want this as the impeccable yard you created would be affected, and you’ll need to take time out of your busy schedule to tend to them.

Will There Be Living Spaces?

Although you may landscape it well, at the end of the day, you want a yard that anyone would swoon over. You can do such a thing only if you transform it into an outdoor living space. Such a thing is easy as all you need is a designated seating area. You can have this with a patio, which you may already have. You could even add some hammocks to the trees, wrapping everything up.

However, you should be careful. You need the best furniture, and unfortunately, not a lot of them can withstand the outdoors. So, be mindful when on the hunt.

Do You Have A Theme?

You can’t go into it without a theme in mind. This would leave your backyard looking like a jigsaw puzzle. To ensure everything’s cohesive, look through architecture magazines. You’ll find inspiration that you can try and replicate. What’s even better is Pinterest. The platform has a range of design ideas that are easy to do.

If you don’t want to do anything too serious, you can have some common shapes throughout the yard. This would wrap things up, but don’t go too overboard as everything would be a square or circle, otherwise.

Does Your Home Match?

While on the topic of a theme, you need to ensure that whatever look you’re going for does not affect the look of your home. If your home has some harsh, bold lines, having smoother ones in your yard would throw everything off.

As you can see, a multitude of things should be considered, and fortunately for you, we ran through them. Everything should be a breeze, so what do you think?