Lucinda Pelfrey February 10, 2019

Curtains help give presence to a room and it helps set the mood from casual and easy going to bold or dramatic as you wish. But when you choose your curtains the fabrics that you choose and the patterns and the styles of the curtains themselves will go a long way in deciding what the […]

Lucinda Pelfrey February 7, 2019

Having been used in a strictly industrial setting for so long, concrete is now commonly making appearances in homes. The material has several advantages to warrant its increasing popularity. For example, unlike wood, mildew or other fungi does not grow on concrete when it is left moist for a long while. Also concrete is extremely […]

Lucinda Pelfrey February 7, 2019

Did you know that covering your roof with a fresh coating of paint did more than just make the top of your home look pretty? This process actually helps to prevent the growth of algae and can even prolong the life of your roof. So, as you can see, this is definitely something that you […]

Lucinda Pelfrey January 19, 2019

Are you tired of the same old kitchen that you had so many years? Are your cabinets starting to fall apart? Have your tiles cracked due to aging? Then this only calls for one thing. Your kitchen needs some updating. Have you browsed through some magazines for some inspiration? Did you manage to find one […]

Lucinda Pelfrey December 17, 2018

Your living room is the place to which you welcome your guests. It is also the place where the family gets together in the afternoons or after dinner time. It is the general centre of the house and styling it appropriately will give your whole house a new look and feel. There are many ways […]

Lucinda Pelfrey November 12, 2018

Maintenance repairs are very important in order to ensure the safety of you and your family. Especially if you have been living in your home for a long time and if you have not had any accidents this does not mean that you should take your safety for granted. The longer you have been living […]

Lucinda Pelfrey October 30, 2018

This is a hard part when people move into their new homes and it can sometimes be hard to refit and buy everything all from scratch. There are different people with different styles and it is often very difficult to gather the style and compile it together. Especially if you both have different tastes. It […]

Lucinda Pelfrey October 2, 2018

Awnings are not only great for providing shades. Whether it is a retractable or a fixed-frame awning, having one of these would surely give you and your home a lot of benefits. If you plan to have customized awnings for your home or commercial establishment, check out first the following benefits. Protects Home From Water […]

Lucinda Pelfrey October 1, 2018

Selling a property is no piece of cake! You might think that it’s quite easy and all you’ve got to do is post a few pictures online with accurate descriptions and you’re good to go. However, this is not the case as there are a number of factors that must be considered before putting up […]