Lucinda Pelfrey February 6, 2019

Really want to have a garden in your home but just don’t have time for intricate care? Then it’s best to build a low-maintenance garden in your home. These gardens are great for people who are really busy and prefer to relax at home rather than do gardening. Here are several suggestions for a low maintenance garden in your home:

Grow Native Plants

Want to see plants grow with little or even no care? Then get native flowers, shrubs, and trees for your garden. In Australia, these plants have evolved well to tolerate the seasons. So they don’t require as much watering or care compared to exotic varieties.

Plus, native plants don’t require special soil treatments. Native perennials are quite excellent for a low-maintenance gardens as these plants don’t have to be replaced every season. There’s another perk: native plants attract local wildlife, like birds, so you can enjoy a truly lively garden.

Choose the Right Type of Grass for the Lawn

Don’t want to spend every morning mowing the lawn? Then it’s crucial that you choose the right type of grass. Some grass varieties grow fast, so that you have to spend extra time trimming the blades. There are alternative grass varieties that reduce the need to constantly water and mow quite significantly.

Grass varieties like Zoysia, Bermuda, Floratam, Bahia and Buffalo are excellent for low mow lawns. A variety like Floratam or St. Augustine is well suited for withstand the drought seasons as well. These grass requires trimming too, but not as frequently. If keeping your lawn trimmed has become more complex than you intent, then look for lawn mowers near me for professional help.

Avoid Climbers

Climbing vines look lovely, but they are a lot of work. Most climbers require solid support that you have to build and constantly maintain. If you neglect care even for a bit, the climbers can grow out of control. Therefore, if you truly want a low maintenance garden, avoid climbers.

Install an Automated Sprinkler System

You can free yourself from constant watering needs by installing an automated sprinkler system to do it for you. You can put on a timer for the tap so the sprinkler turns off on its own. This is highly recommended if you don’t have time to attend to watering needs. Consult with a lawn care professional to install the sprinkler system in the right place.

Use Mulch on the Garden Beds

Want to keep weeds and stray plants at bay on the flower beds in the garden? Then mulch the beds. While mulching takes a bit of time, using it will save you time spend on weeding and applying herbicide. Mulch comes in a variety of shades too. So you can make your garden beds look nice and reduce maintenance costs.

Use Pots

Using pots or containers for plants offers more than aesthetic appeal. Potting is a great way to reduce the need to trim certain plants. Also, pots and containers make it easy to move the plants around as you like.

A garden is an amazing addition to your home. Use the above tips to make garden care stress free and convenient.