Lucinda Pelfrey August 19, 2020

Now that you have purchased that big screen, top of the line TV that you have been saving up for (or begging your partner to buy for you) it’s now time to place it in the part of your home where you would be saving most of your time binge watching your favourite TV show or following your sports team.

You would want of course to mount your TV on a wall to save some space and of course for the ultimate viewing pleasure. You think you are a handyman and have a way with tools that you would not need a professional for this project. But you would be surprised to know that mounting a TV on a wall is not that easy.

You Need to Find A Stud

This is one of the first things you need to do before you mount your TV. You need to find a stud (and no, not a stud to do the wall mounting for you). As stud is something you need to find behind your wall. And just as it is difficult to find a rugged, young stud who’d buy you dinner and a movie, finding a sturdy stud behind your wall is also difficult.

You’d need a stud finder to locate one and, in the end, you might not find one strong enough to support the weight of your television. Or in the worst-case scenario, you miscalculated and chose the wrong stud, sending your TV crashing on the floor.

You Need to Make Sure You’ve Got the Correct VESA Size

If you are googling what is VESA, perhaps it is better to leave the TV wall mounting to the professional. VESA sizes are essential because if you got the wrong VESA specifications, the holes at the back of your television would not line up with the holes in the wall. And if you try to make them align, you can rip down your wall so please call a professional.

You Need to Make Sure the TV Is Level

Adjusting your wall mounted TV is not as easy as adjusting a shelf you installed with the right side slightly lowered than the left side. For one thing, a TV is heavy especially if you purchased 50 inches or more. Sure, you could adjust some bolts to make one side sag a little but you’d always have that fear that if the bolts loosened a bit more and the TV would fall.

You Need to Hide the Cables

If you would be using your television and connecting them to various consoles, you’d get annoyed with all the cables hanging. They are not visually appealing and there is always a chance you might pull one out from the socket and you’d have a hard time figuring out where it connects. When you get your TV professionally mounted, you’d avoid all these sticky situations.

You have already splurged on a brand-new TV, why not spend a little more and make sure that this investment is secured by having it taken care of the professionals? You’d be grateful later in the years to come since your new TV did not crash and fall and your wall not ripped down.