Lucinda Pelfrey February 20, 2017
Paint Your Walls

When you have put your home for sale, even the smallest things can make a huge difference. Your home is your investment and with any investment, you can add value with a bit of effort and smart purchasing choices. Taking some time and money to do some basic improvements in your home will significantly increase the value of your home and potential to sell easily. Find out from the below guide on what basic but value adding changes you can make to your home.

Paint Your Walls

Paint Your Walls

Applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give an instant boost in the way your home looks. Many realtors stress on how this attracts potential buyers. That said, make sure you don’t paint walls in bright colours such as pinks, yellows, purples as these maybe considered polarizing or off-putting colours to some buyers. Instead, it’s safe to go for neutral tones such as beiges, whites or muted blues and greens as these colours appeal to a wider range of people. If you are under money constraints, then painting the main rooms in your home like the living, dining rooms as well as the kitchen, main bedroom and bathroom should suffice.

Replace Wallpaper


Most often wallpaper can be a big turn off to people and it is usually a hassle to remove the wall paper if they do not like it. Due to this reason, it’s safe to replace your wall paper with paint. As mentioned above, painting your walls with neutral colours will always add more value to your home at the point of sale. If wall papers are added, make sure to choose small, simple patterns instead of big and bold patterns.

Lighting inside the Home


It was found that lighting is one of the key factors used to separate a good home from a great one. Attractive lighting can be added to you home in a number of ways. These do not have to be costly. You can simply replace old light bulbs with energy saving LED lights to give a modern contemporary look without much cost. Moreover, adding mood enhancing dimmer lights can also elevate the look of the house. Remove large and heavy curtains and let light naturally flow in through the windows.

Invest In Some New AppliancesĀ 

Old appliances can instantly give the feeling to potential buyers that your home is need of improvements and investment. New appliances especially in the kitchen such as an oven, fridge or washing machine will signal the buyer that the home is up to date and can be occupied without a hassle.