Lucinda Pelfrey June 2, 2017

If someone needs to get repairs or renovations done in their homes, then the best person for the job will be a home improvement contractor otherwise known as handymen. These people are professionals in their field and attend to repairs or renovations for individual clients. If you want to manage your own business as a home improvement contractor then it is vital to get the necessary experience in home constructions and also the business and social skills necessary for the job. The guide below will give you the initial few steps that you need to follow to start your own home contractor business.

Accumulate Enough Work Experience

Home Improvement Contractor

Before you embark on your own, it is crucial to accumulate as much work experience as you can in residential construction. In the home improvement contractor business you will be expected to handle the home owner’s renovation project wholly and the best way to prepare for this is to gather as much experience you can. You should aim for at least 5 years of relevant experience.

Get a Formal Education 


Although this might not be priority in this field, getting a certificate or degree in the relevant field of residential construction will improve your credentials and further more help you network with others in the same field thereby opening up doors for new opportunities and experiences. It will also be helpful to consider courses in business administration such as marketing and finance as this will vastly improve your skills in how to make a business thrive.

Registration of the Business 


Once you’ve accumulated the work experience and the qualifications needed to start your own business. The next step before operations will be to register your business. Although it’s a fairly straight forward process, there is paperwork that needs to be compiled and related fees to be paid with the authorities. Registering your business will give you favorable tax impacts as well as protect you and your assets.  A limited liability company is the ideal structure when starting a small business such as a home

Marketing your business

As with starting any business, obtaining your first few clients will be a challenging task. Take proactive steps to make your business and brand be known in the locality by putting out advertisements in the local newspapers, handing out e-flyers and much more. Word of mouth is powerful as well so don’t forget to encourage your first customers to recommend you to others. Perhaps offering a discount on their next job may be a worthwhile enticement.