Lucinda Pelfrey September 12, 2019

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating from the scratch, there are a few basic but clever tips to follow to achieve the finish you have in mind for your dream home kitchen.  Here are some of them;

1.     Identify the Layout That Works for You!

In a typical home kitchen, the primary tasks are cleaning, preparation, cooking and storing.  And the work surfaces of the kitchen such as the sink, the oven or stove and the refrigerator help us to accomplish the primary tasks.  Positioning these three primary work surfaces on your kitchen layout map and joining them with lines to mark out the work triangle would be the first and foremost thing to do when modelling or remodelling a kitchen.  The ideal work triangle should not have more than 6 feet between each for ease of movement.

Depending on your cooking style, time spent on cooking and the available space, you can choose your kitchen layout from the following;

Galley Kitchen / Parallel Kitchen / Walkthrough Kitchen

This type of kitchen features two parallel and opposite walls with a walkway in between.  If the kitchen is big, you can include an island.

One-wall Kitchen

This type suits studio flats and loft apartments well as it takes the minimum space.  All three work surfaces come in a line, and can be disadvantageous as there are no working surfaces in between them as well as movement between them is not smooth like in other layouts.  

U-Shaped Kitchen / Horseshoe Kitchen

Three walls of cabinets and appliances create this layout.  It provides lots of floor, counter & cabinet space, and creates an efficient work triangle.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This style features cabinets, countertops and appliances along two walls with a corner in-between.  In this layout, an efficient work triangle can be formed.  If there is more space, include a small dining table or an island.

Island Kitchen

A kitchen with adequate space and clearance can be designed into an island kitchen.  The island accommodates cabinet space, appliances, the sink and countertops.  Bar stools added to it can make it a bar counter, or a dining space. 

Peninsula Kitchen / G-shaped Kitchen

This style mainly contains a connected island that can be accessed from three sides.  The free-standing workspace serves as a countertop, storage or dining area.

2.     Go for Space and Surface!

Do not make the biggest mistake at the planning stage of not allowing adequate space for ease of movement, storage etc.  Use every nook and cranny!  Overhead cabinets up to the ceiling as well as deep drawers for pots and pans are clever ways to use the space up and down.  This can avoid the clutter on the countertops. 

Pick a surface that’s convenient to work on and maintain for.  Consider matters such as that filling between tiles is tough to clean and that stainless steel will scrape very simply.  It is worthwhile to note that Caesarstone kitchen benchtops are scratch and chip resistant and doesn’t need an external sealant applied to it.  Made from genuine quartz and non-porous material, it oozes luxury, style and modern-day versatility.  The Caesarstone benchtops Melbourne can be your ultimate choice for your Melbourne home dream kitchen!  

3.     Take Maximum Advantage of The Light!

Unlike other places of the house, overhead lights is inadequate in kitchenettes.  Lights focusing on the work surfaces such as stovetops, countertops etc. are a better choice!  Under-cabinet lights are a particularly good choice as they shine directly on countertops.