Lucinda Pelfrey May 11, 2018

There is always a degree of confusion in the market about refrigeration between these three concepts. Make no mistake because there are significant differences between the three so a household may first want to know how to clearly distinguish these concepts before choosing what would best serve them. Even manufacturers themselves interchange the terms when advertising their products, unintentionally leading their customers astray.

The Concept of Built-In Refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators sit alongside the rest of the cabinetry you might have in your pantry. However the fridge door would jut out making it quite distinguishable from the rest of the layout. The purpose of you trying to make your design look sleek, avoiding all unsightly protrusions would be lost. These appliances would come with a higher price tag so if you choose to pick a fridge that you can discern from the rest of your pantry, then this would be the best option. The door and handles would not “disappear” and be quite visible and easy to find for even someone who is not accustomed to your kitchen.

The Concept of Overlay Refrigeration

This concept is replicating the design of the rest of your kitchen and applying it to the outer design of your refrigerator giving it a kind of camouflage effect. In terms of design and color it would not highlight your fridge but it would not hide any protrusions like doors or handles. It partially gives your appliance a “disappearing effect” but make it visible enough to discern it without much difficulty. If your kitchen has a finished mahogany effect then the overlay design of your fridge would be customized to look the same and have the same effect.

The Concept of Integrated Refrigeration

The true concept of making your refrigerator disappear comes with an integrated refrigerator. The illusion of a camouflaged fridge is fully achieved. Not only will they complement the predominant design of your kitchen but also avoid showing any kind of protrusions. Even the doors are inset so that they are perfectly aligned and flush with your pantry cabinets. This is the pinnacle of customization and is now an integral and essential part for those looking to maintain a high-end kitchen. From floor-saving capabilities to giving your kitchen a truly refined uniform look, this would be the best option for you. Just close the door of your fridge and watch it almost magically disappear, yeah it never gets old.

Each Has Its Benefits

Each design has its pros and cons and each serves a somewhat different purpose it all depends on what you want in your kitchen and what design you look to achieve. Integrated refrigeration would probably give you the best look out of the three but it might be more expensive. Built-in refrigerators might be less expensive and more in tune with your budget but less neat in its finish and less classy. It all depends on the size of the kitchen, design, preference and budget. After you clearly distinguish between the different options in the market go out and pick the best option available for you.