Lucinda Pelfrey March 24, 2019

Everyone wishes to be a homeowner. No matter where a person lives, owning a home of your own is considered not just important but an absolute necessity. Across time, people would invest their money in a home of their own. The reason why is simple: a home is security. It not just keeps your family safe but will also help keep your future secure. Real estate in many countries always has a tendency to increase in value. Even if the housing market is not doing well today, it will do well again in the near future. And if you build a home today, it will be double or triple the value in a couple of years upon which it can be resold for a much higher value.  

Of course if you want financial security you could buy a home as well instead of just building one. But taking your present needs into account building your own home is always wiser. You have the freedom to customise and build it as per your requirements.  However if you choose to build your own home and wish to have a high re-sale value in the future, you need to know 3 important things.

Do Not Try To Do Things For Cheap

Building a home especially if you want to sell it means it needs to be a very good quality, you cannot hope to sell a home that has a shoddy foundation or cheap roofing. Buyers will take into account the quality of the home they purchase and if you are planning to live in the home before selling it a few years down the line then the house needs to be secure and built well so there would not be any damage or extensive renovation needed when you are going to sell it. Therefore always consider quality as more important than price. If you cannot afford something then downscale the building instead of sacrificing quality. If you want a 6 bedroom home but are unable to afford quality roofing? Then make it smaller. Make it  a 3 bedroom if you must but keep the higher quality roofing. As making repairs will always cost you a lot more in the long run.

Choose Companies With Care

Whether you hire a contractor to oversee the building process or you do it yourself, when you hire companies to work on a certain part of the house, check their credentials. For example, if you want to build Decking made of Merbau and are considering a company to do the job, always check the company’s other projects and track record before you hire them. Remember if they are good at what they do then their previous projects will speak for themselves. Do not just hire someone because your friend recommended them. Always check for yourself their products and services and then hire them. A house is ultimately a sum of its parts so if even one thing is not that good it will affect the overall quality of your house.

Try To Reduce The Carbon Footprint

Global warming is a real thing and as people become more aware of it, they will seek homes which are eco-friendly and have a low carbon footprint. This means if you want your home to have a high re-sale value then you need to incorporate eco-friendly materials in the building and opt for renewable energy. Not only would this save you money in the long run, but it will also make your house much more attractive to buyers.