Lucinda Pelfrey July 24, 2018

Your outdoor area should be an extension of your indoor area. While keeping in mind the interior design of the house, your outdoor area should be unique but still complimentary to your indoor style. Although you have a specific style in mind, be mindful of the following questions in choosing your outdoor furniture:

How Much Space Do You Have?

The same way you plan how to decorate your indoor space, know how much space you have for your outdoor furniture setting. If it’s a covered patio, treat it the same way as you would an indoor space in planning how they will be set up. The furniture should fit, and people can still move around comfortably. For an open area setting, the furniture should not be clustered around an area leaving wide empty space. Choose the right size of furniture to complement the space that you have. The amount of square footage that you have will also help you decide how many pieces of furniture you are going to purchase. Be mindful of the balance of space and furniture size, as well as the comfortable flow of people if they mingle in that area.

How are You Going to Store Your Furniture?

You’ve found a beautiful set of outdoor furniture, but the elements may not be kind to nice outdoor chairs Australia. The country is known for its diverse climates from harsh summers to terrible winters. Consider the best way to store your furniture. If you have enough space to put them indoors, it would help to preserve the quality of your furniture. Another option is to choose foldable pieces that can be packed away if you’re short on storage space. Otherwise, invest in furniture covers and heavy tarpaulin to protect your outdoor furniture from harsh weather conditions.

Where are You Going to Place Your Furniture?

The type of material that you should choose for your outdoor furniture would matter depending on where the furniture would be placed. If it’s a covered patio or screened off lanai, more indoor looking furniture would be fine since they are mostly protected from the elements. Will it be placed on a tile, a deck, and patio or directly on grass? Your furniture should be easy to move around. It should also be tough enough to withstand being dragged around. Consider where your furniture will be placed in choosing the style, quality and material for your outdoor furniture.

Although your interior style should extend to your choice of outdoor furniture pieces, you don’t necessarily have to buy in sets. Keep in mind the function of your outdoor space. Will it be a private area where you unwind and relax? Will you be entertaining family and friends in gatherings? Is it going to be a place where the family will gather often for dinners or breakfasts for a change in pace? Mixing and matching pieces would make your outdoor area unique and functional. Remember to choose furniture pieces that would help your outdoor space to perform its function.