Lucinda Pelfrey March 20, 2019

Entering a room full of junk can be such a headache because you know that sooner or later it is going to get worse and you would have to clean up all the mess in one day. Well, the secret to a clean room is to keep it clean every day instead of cleaning the whole mess on one particular day. Keeping it clean does not mean that you have to vacuum or mop every single day. It involves preventing the dirt from getting collected in the first place. Here are some tips that you can use to keep it tidy and clean.

Leave Out The Boxes

Yes, you might think it looks better when you have your stuff stacked up in storage containers by the side of the room. But it does not, it looks unorganized and chances are that you would never move those heavy boxes when you clean the room anyway. So, try to leave out all of the storage boxes from your room, maybe do effective arranging in your cupboards, or get rid of all of the clothes and stuff that you don’t need or will not be using.

Keep Your Furniture Clean

Don’t leave all kinds of unnecessary things on your dressing table or on your bedside tables as they can get dirty, dusty and end up looking really untidy. Try to leave the minimum number of things over your furniture, this will then make sure that all the needful things are safely placed inside a drawer or a cupboard shelf.

Do Not Leave Clothes On The Floor!

This is one of the main things that would need to be practiced. When you leave clothes on the floor at an initial stage, that pile gets bigger and bigger and may multiply into several other piles as well. So, get into the habit of maybe placing ONE bin for soiled clothes, this can help with keeping your clothes in place, or you could send the clothes into the wash as and when they are collected.

Make Your Bed Every Day

Get into the habit or routine of dusting and making your bed on a daily basis, this would cause you to clear the things on the bed so that you are able to fix up the bed before you go to bed again in the night.

Arrange Your Shoes

This is the addition to the clothes being on the floor. Get yourself a shoe rack or clear out some space to keep your shoes tidy and in place, so that you don’t have to run around the entire house trying to look for the other pair.

By following the above tips you would not be cleaning your room once in a blue moon, neither will you have to face an ugly and messy room every time you come back after working all day. Therefore, follow all of the above pointers and try to keep your room as tidy as possible.