Lucinda Pelfrey November 16, 2017

Solar power is a clean and ecofriendly form of energy which is also cost effective. If you’re curious about this form of energy but are not yet ready to power your whole home using it, here are some interesting solar powered gadgets you could consider investing in. While being efficient and durable, they are also affordably priced.

Solar Phone Chargers

Solar phone chargers can charge your phone much more efficiently than a regular charger can. You could fully charge your phone’s battery twice the amount using a solar charge. Solar phone chargers are also small and portable and you could carry it with you wherever you go. To charge your phone, simply connect it to the charger and place on a windowsill or desk where there is enough sunlight. Some solar chargers also have two USB ports, so you can charge two phones at once. They also charge tablets in the same way.

Solar Wireless Keyboards

Solar keyboards are a great addition to your office or home. They can save you a great deal of electricity and cash, since regular computers use up so much power. Solar keyboards can be charged in sunlight or through artificial lighting. They can also hold a charge for around three months and are sleek and light in their design, making them easy to transport.

Solar Lights

Solar outdoor lighting is another cost-effective way you can save electricity. Outdoor solar lights are attractive and durable and you won’t have to worry about the fuses going out or having to replace the bulbs. Some solar lights are so easy to install that they can be simply stuck on the wall wherever more light is required. They charge during the daytime and can be used fully during the night.

Pool Heaters

To heat your pool, consider using a solar pool heater. This will cut down your pool heating costs considerably. They are also more economical to use than gas or electrical pool heaters and can be used in different climates. They work by filtering pool water through a pump. The water is then heated by a solar collector and sent back into the pool. This could be a great investment for your home’s pool.

Solar Lantern

Solar lanterns are a handy piece of equipment to own if you’re someone who loves camping. They are equally useful if you need to step outside at night for an emergency. Solar lanterns are portable and you can easily pack it up in a backpack. Once charged, they can last up to eight hours.

Reading Lamp

A solar reading lamp is another must-have solar powered gadget for your home. You don’t have to worry about your reading lamp’s bulb going out in the middle of studying. The lamp works by charging at daytime and using the stored up solar power at night. Some solar reading lamps are also foldable so they can be easily stored away until needed.

These are just a few of the amazing solar powered gadgets you could use in your home.