Lucinda Pelfrey March 19, 2019

Whether building a new home or restoring an old one, flooring is an essential element within the household. So very essential but yet so obvious that we tend to take it for granted. Buying a new floor is an investment and you need to make your choice wisely because there are plenty of options out there. Here’s a little guide to get you on your way:


Kids and pets, as much joy as they bring into your life, tend to wreak havoc on your floors. All that skidding, running, falling and smudging is bound to leave its mark on your floors so first and foremost you’re going to need something that’s as durable as it gets. For example, you may not want to be carpeting your house anytime soon if you plan on having kids. You can consider flooring in Geelong, where you can find highly durable options that will definitely suit your hectic lifestyle while also being stylish!


You’ve got to look at the picture as a whole. How will your floors complement the walls and the rooms itself? What paint color are you going for? If you’ll be making personal visits to stores, make sure to take a picture of your room along with you so you can compare and make the best choice. Ideally, your flooring will complement your living space, and not make it look cluttered.


You also need to consider what comes after you pick your new floor. The maintenance aspect is vital to keeping your floors intact and sturdy throughout the years. All flooring will require some sort of maintaining. For example, carpeting requires regular vacuuming and others need to be swept and mopped often. So it’s up to you to decide how much you can take. When visiting shops or search online, make sure to ask/e-mail/call regarding queries on what kind of maintenance the floor needs.


Alongside maintenance, you also need to consider the climate. Will your floor be exposed to harsh elements like rain or snow? If so, then you need to discuss with the seller what kind of material is most appropriate for you else, you’ll find that your flooring will easily deteriorate.


Many kids tend to suffer from dust and fur allergies early on. If your child is vulnerable to this, then you definitely want to avoid carpeting. Carpeting tends to trap allergens such as fur, pollen and dust- all of which contribute to your kids’ endless sneezing fits. Instead, go for smooth surfaces.

Slip Resistance

If you have any members in the family using a wheelchair or elderly requiring assistance while walking, then you’ll definitely want to consider this aspect. The chances are that they’ll require floors with higher traction to be more stable as they move about the house. Make a note to ask the seller once again about the slip resistance your flooring will have.

These are the important things you need to consider when buying new floors so make sure to keep them in mind!