Lucinda Pelfrey February 25, 2019

Every homeowner no matter how much they love the house they live in will want to move to a new property at one point in their lives. This could be due to multiple reasons ranging from simply seeking a new beginning or some change to free up finances. Either way, there are many things you need to keep in mind when you plan to sell a house.

Research Your Housing Market

If you are planning to sell your home you need to determine its value. If you make the listing price too low, you will be losing a lot of money and if you list it too high, nobody will make an offer. Therefore you need to do some research on your local housing market. Don’t just look at the listing prices in your neighborhood, take into account the size of your home, the value of the land it is sitting on and the general design of the home itself.  If your house is more Victorian and was built more than 30 years ago, it’s listing price will not be as high as a modern home built recently. However, if the Victorian home is much bigger than the modern home, its price may actually be higher. To ensure that you get the right listing price, you need to hire a realtor. They will do the math for you.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

There is no easier way to make a buyer run from your home than have foul smells or Dirt in your ceilings and floors. Clean your home thoroughly before you let buyers in. If you find it difficult to do it by yourself then hire a cleaning service to help you out. Also de-clutter your home and organize everything in a concise manner.  A clean and organized home will not only be able to get a higher listing price but it will also be able to help the buyers focus on the house itself and it’s potential. Also, conduct repairs and ensure that the house is in perfect livable condition or at least close to it.

Hire An Inspector To Give You An Owner Builder Report

If you want to sell your home you need to get owner builders reports done. These are mandatory in Melbourne when you are planning to sell your home and will require registered building inspectors to inspect your home and all the changes you have made. This is to ensure everything stays within regulations and if the value of the building work you have carried over the course of the houses’ lifetime is more than 16,000 dollars you will need to obtain building insurance and give a certificate of currency to the buyer before the contract.

In the end, your home is your greatest asset and if you want to sell it and earn back a good profit then you need to the above with the utmost care and responsibility.